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Magnesium Oil in Handy Spray Bottles

Concentrating on what the effect that magnesium does to the body

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Magnesium Oil - 100ml

Magnesium is a mineral that is deficient in 70-75% of the population. Taking it as a spray in oil means it gets into the bloodstream quicker than a pill. It cured my migraines after suffering for 30+ years

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Magnesium & Lavender Oil - 100ml

By customer request I have added lavender essential oil to the base magnesium and this gives a lovely floral smell. Plus the lavender aids relaxation & sleep

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Magnesium Oil - 75ml - £4 per bottle

Magnesium Oil - reduced to £4 as I can no longer source this bottle size

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Really lovely organic products. Been using the magnesium spray. Highly recommend