Being Vegan before it was trendy

I went vegan in July 2006 after reading the book The China Study by Colin Campbell. Well actually it was after reading the first 3rd of the book. I had been vegetarian for 14 years at this point & thought the info in the book was amazing. My change was for health reason, so it would take about 10 years before I embraced the full vegan lifestyle.

Naively since I had the vegetarian diet for so long that converting to veganism would be a piece of vegan cake. Ha, not likely. My first grocery shopping took over 2 hours. So many products that you would think were vegan like leek & potato soup contains milk. Thankfully I like to cook from raw ingredients.

Daily I got used to creating my own food for work lunch as salad gets boring after a while. Meat substitutes were basic too with only soya being available. Plus, only really soya milk too means that my body has had it with this product & I am now intolerant. I can eat it but will suffer after a few hours, & so will anyone near me.

Over the years I have lost count of how many times I have had to explain vegan to waiters at restaurants even the ones with vegetarian dishes. You develop a good sense of humour or you go mad.

Cut to today & being vegan is so easy. I would like to thank everyone who have tried it or totally converted via Veganuary. So many options now available from the plethora of alternate milks to other meat substitutes that are not soya. It is fun & a delight to see all the new products including in the naughty section of desserts & cakes, yummy.

Now I have to just restrict myself or I am going to be the size of a house. Oh well, at least I can now get a good snack whilst out & about.

Thank you, fellow vegans

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