Organic Vegan Moisturisers - Why I create them

Hello. My name is Jamie Collins & I create organic vegan moisturisers. I started creating these for myself after surviving breast cancer. The moisturisers that were on the market had too many chemicals in them so that I no longer wanted to put them on my skin. Knowing that the skin is the largest organ & anything put on the skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream, I decided to put as pure ingredients as I could in & on the body. My first fragrance was frankincense as I new this was anti-ageing & since I am over 40, I needed all the help I could get. Being vegan since 2006 meant that these moisturisers had to fulfill that criteria too. My friends & family liked these creams so I decided to start selling them.They are very pure & since only made from the same base carrier oils of coconut oil & cocoa butter, they could be eaten, though they wouldn't taste nice so not recommended. But completely safe to use on the lips instead of a petroleum base balm. All made by myself in my base in Cornwall where I also sell them at local craft fairs.

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