About Us

Organically Jamie is a small hand made business based in Cornwall consisting of just one person, me Jamie, so far.

I started to create the moisturisers for myself after surviving breast cancer & no longer wanted to put chemical laden products on my skin. Original was just coconut oil & frankincense. It was plain but worked a treat at moisturising my skin. However, coconut oil is hard as nails to get out of the jar so I added cocoa butter to soften up the cream.

Then I upped the game by making all the ingredients organic & so my baby was created. I spent a year giving away free small samples to friends & family to test plus expanding the range to 5 fragrances. Frankincense, juniper, ylang ylang, myrrh & lavender, cinnamon & orange.

Also, since I like making things for myself, I created magnesium oil daily spray to combat my migraines that I have had since my teenage years. After researching this amazing mineral & that so many people were deficient in it, I added it to my website.

And finally, I am adding lip balms as I hate the ones with petroleum jelly in or beeswax. Two fragrances in lovely little tin containers, lemongrass & ylang ylang. Will be onsite by end of Jan 2020.

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Cheers, Jamie